Shkodra is famous not only for its natural beauty surrounding it, including the largest lake in the Balkans extended between Albania and Montenegro, especially Rozafa Castle, which dominates the city. The city center is not very big but it will not make you bored,it  is the ideal place for cycling in the city and around. A good overview of the city’s development is possible with visits to two museums and the castle of Rozafa. Many traditional Ottoman buildings have survived over time. Shkodra is rich in history and curiosities and Shkodra people are festive: the celebration of their marriage can last a week, including dances, delicious food, good company and raki. You will not miss the fun!
Shkodra is also the place of  many cultural men,  as the musicians Prenk Jakova and the contemporain once Zef Coba.

Tourist Information Office: rruga Teuta. Open 07am – 3pm.
Getting here: from Durres and Tirana by minibus frequently on the day, duration 1/ 2 hours. From Montenegro by bike too via crossing the mountain between Gucia and Vermoshi.

Shkodra from the top

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